At the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™, knockout matches mean knockout prizes!

We’re giving away official kick-off balls* from the following games of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015:
• Semi-Final 1 (Match 49)
• Semi-Final 2 (Match 50)
• Match for Third Place (Match 51)
• The Final* (Match 52)

The Contest winners will get an actual kick-off ball* from the match associated with their quiz victory. Each winner’s ball will have been shot, headed and saved by some of the greatest players in Women’s football today! Sign up for the Kick-Off Ball Contest, prepare to be quizzed and stake your claim on a piece of history from the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015!

*The Kick-off Ball from the Final Match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 is excluded from this contest. Instead, the quiz winner of this match will receive an actual match ball from the Final match.